Thursday, March 14, 2013

GOP Voters Give Rand Paul Much Higher Marks Than McCain, Graham


Republican Senator Rand Paul drew the criticism of two senior GOP senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, for his recent filibuster forcing the Obama administration to say categorically it would not use drones to attack U.S. citizens in this country. But Republicans now have a much more favorable view of Paul than of former presidential candidate McCain.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 67% of Likely GOP Voters have a favorable opinion of the first-term Kentucky senator. That’s up nine points from 58% less than a month ago and includes 35% with a Very Favorable opinion.

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  1. McCain and Graham are like Dick Lugar. The old rino ship should keep taking hits at the water line until it finally sinks. The conservatives know we can't afford big government. I hope that eventually enough voters will see the same thing and get rid of all the big government politicians. But I sure keep prepping.

  2. The battle lines have now solidified for the future of the Republican Party: Old Guard RINOs--what used to be called the Country Club or Silk Stocking Republicans--vs the young, small-L libertarian, Constitutionalist, Tea Party fiscal conservatives. It's going to be ugly before it's all over (Indy is correct to keep on preppin'), and right now it looks like the Establishment is angling to anoint Jeb Bush as the nominee.

    Of course, Jeb Bush won't get 40% of the vote against a Hillary/Michelle ticket (yeah...the Hilldabeast AND Baroness Unterbhyte, together again, for the first time), but the RINOs don't care. Just so long as the Republican nominee isn't one of those *shudder* small-government people!

    1. Just so long as the Republican nominee isn't one of those *shudder* small-government people!