Saturday, March 2, 2013

Smart Boy

Via The Lonely Libertarian


  1. Sounds like she dun taught him good. Don't mess with Mama.

  2. While this is humorous, it speaks to a much more sinister question, a question those in power have been asking for the last 20 to 30 years. They want to know how many police, law enforcement, military personnel and other will turn on their fellow citizens. If my memory serves, we have seen random questions like this since the mid 80s. The building of tensions currently over gun control is no accident but part of a much bigger plan. Those in power believe “NOW” is the time to seize power.

    With the American Gestapo, better known as Homeland Security and its lead SS troops the TSA agents in place it is the time to end this experiment in freedom. I remember learning in horror about SS troops taking children from their mother’s arms and killing them. Today I see story after story where TAS Agents abuse children in wheelchairs, elderly grandmothers, people with disabilities and more. These agents are so devoid of humanity it is really a big leap to see them gunning down fellow citizens.

    Sadly, today everything has aligned where those who seek total domination believe it is time to take power back to government where it belongs. We have a true Marxist Ideologue in the White House. Now for 20 points can anyone name the last time a true Marxist willingly left power? That was a trick question the answer was never. We have progressives in both parties controlling congress and a Supreme Court too divided. Agencies with ZERO policing duties have millions of rounds of ammunition and weapons.

    While the antidote is humorous sadly, it signifies something much darker and ominous.


  3. A few days ago dear leader commented that he "is not a dictator" and implied that if he was he could fix everything. I don't think that was just an off the cuff remark. I firmly believe he was floating a trial baloon to see what kind of public reaction he got from the accertation that he should be a dictator. Yet another page from uncle Adolph's playbook.