Friday, April 5, 2013

Bloody calculus

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A sniper in the wild
  • Is this the way our union ends?
  • Politicians up to and including the President and his Executive branch officials are waging a war of disinformation and outright lies to undermine the rights of the American people.
  • The mainstream media is actively colluding with these politicians to wage a war of disinformation and outright lies regarding the role of firearms in crimes, firearms and firearms laws, and slandering the nearly 100 million Americans that are part of the firearms-owning community.
  • This collusion between these groups (which I’ve argued is one incestuous group, dubbed the “polimedia”) have led to the passage of the most draconian gun laws in history in the states of New York, Connecticut, Maryland, and Colorado. The polimedia intends to spread to other states and the entire Republic if at all possible. This is causing considerable economic harm, and dramatically restricting Constitutional and God-given liberties, creating a motive.
The Alinsky tactics celebrated and used by the radical Leftists from the President down to the lowliest media stenographer are excellent at attacking law-abiding organizations and groups, but they have a fatal flaw; Alinsky tactics only work when they are used by the corrupt to target the equally corrupt. These vicious Marxist political tactics may run the distinct risk of triggering an unpredictable, potentially violent response when applied against the citizenry itself.

It is not easy to rouse the American public to take up arms against government, and that is as it should be. The overwhelming majority of American citizens are very much like the Colonial citizens of the 1760s and 1770s; they wish merely to be left alone to live their lives without government interference.
We have no desire to initiate conflict, and will avoid it if at all possible. We have always been slow to anger.

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