Sunday, April 28, 2013

Marco Rubio: Corrupted by Washington in Only Two Years

Via avordvet

From Tea Party favorite to corrupt Washington insider in only two years, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Marco Rubio.


It’s hard to believe that Marco Rubio has only been in the Senate since January 2011. With the way he has been going on lately, telling conservatives what a bunch of unenlightened rubes we are for objecting to his immigration reform, you would think he’d been a Senator for 20 years.

The once Tea Party favorite, whose chances of being elected President are now on par with Mark Sanford, has been at the forefront of jamming the Democrat’s dream of opening the immigration floodgates through Congress, an effort that shares many the hallmarks of the passage of Obamacare:
  1. Put together in the dead of night by Washington insiders with zero transparency. Check.
  2. Rushing the bill through the legislative process as fast as humanly possible before the opposition can get their act together. Check.
  3. Refusing to accept even the barest hint of cooperation with Republicans who aren’t RINOs. Check.
  4. We’ll have to pass the bill to find out what’s in it! Check.
Representing everything the Tea Party movement has dedicated itself against Rubio is blazing a trail of lies and deceit that must make Obama proud.


  1. Rubio, like the present commie, is not eligible for president.

    Stalinist commies, however, don't follow the constitution and that's just part of what makes them commies.