Saturday, April 27, 2013

School claims right to censor pro-life 6th-grader

A charter school in Minnesota has told a parent that administrators claim the right to censor whatever they want of a student’s speech outside of class time, including a 6th-grader’s expression of her deeply held pro-life views.

The result?
A lawsuit over the school’s alleged violations of the student’s constitutional rights.

Brian Bloomfield, executive director of the Nova Classical Academy in St. Paul told a parent, “The school has a right to censor students without violating their free speech.”

He cited the Tinker and Hazelwood opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court as his support. He also cited “wikipedia” in writing, “In short, public schools have every right to prohibit student speech.”
However, the lawsuit brought by the Alliance Defending Freedom said that’s exactly backwards.

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