Saturday, April 27, 2013

Why Such Secrecy about Private Military Contractor’s Men Working the Event?

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 Seven apparent Craft International rent-a-soldiers behind and departing (top rt. with backpack) a communications van

Speaking as an investigative reporter with almost 40 years’s experience, I can say that when government officials won’t talk, they’re generally hiding something embarrassing or worse.

I tried, and nobody will talk about those Craft International Services private security personnel who were widely observed and photographed near the finish line of the Boston Marathon, wearing security ear-pieces, hats and T-shirts bearing the company’s skull logo, and all wearing the same dark coats, khaki pants and combat boots, some carrying what appear to have been radiation detectors. (I got no hard answers, though there were some inadvertent hints given.)

I first contacted a man identifying himself as Jack Fleming, a public affairs person with the Boston Athletic Assn., sponsor of the marathon. Fleming advised me that “If you want to ask about that you should contact the Commonwealth (of Massachusetts) Executive Office of Public Safety.”

I called that agency and spoke with the public information office there, a man named Terrell. He first said, "Did you call the Marathon organizers?" When I replied that I had, and that they had said to call his office, he replied, "They did?" Then he said, “You should call the City of Boston Police Department. They released a security plan to some media organizations.”

Indeed they had released that plan to the Boston Globe. Based upon the information it got from the police the article the Globe ran, did report that the Police had deployed “air patrols, K9 units, and more than 1,000 uniformed officers and soldiers along the 26-mile course and the finish line,” but it made no mention of the private contracting of soldiers-for-hire, which is what Craft International does (see the Craft website). News agency Reuters reported, meanwhile, that a top official for the Massachusetts state Homeland Security Department, Undersecretary Kurt Schwartz, told a group at Harvard U. that his agency had “planned” for a possible bombing attack on the marathon, even running a “table-top” exercise about such an event a week before the race.

I called the Boston Police to ask if they had hired the Craft International personnel who were observed at the scene just before and after the bombing, and was told by the public affairs office there that “Anything having to do with the investigation of the bombing would have to be referred to the FBI Boston Division office.”

When I pointed out that I wasn’t asking anything about the investigation, but was simply asking who had hired the security personnel from Craft International, the answer was simply repeated: “You’ll have to ask the FBI.”

So I called the FBI, and got a public affairs person there named Amanda Cox. Her initial response to my question was, “I do not have any information on that.”


  1. I live outside Louisville Ky. and these guys are all over the derby festaville (that what they call it this year) Same silly ass uniforms and all( they have some LEOs dressed in the same khaki/black outfit just for plausible deniability) we also have ARMY ,Coast Guard, USMC, DHS,TSA,FBI,BATFE and god knows who else.(I think we have UN observers). I won't go within a thousand yards of this NAZIFEST this year.

  2. The men in the photos have been identified as members of the National Guard Civil Support Team. Their work at public events is not advertised but it is not secret. Yes one of the members was wearing a ball cap with a Craft logo but that is incidental. I have one my self, I also have a cap that says FBI and Border Patrol among others. This story has been debunked.

    1. This story has been debunked.

      Then why won't they readily admit as much?

  3. Oh, this story has been debunked, has it? Maybe you want to explain why a "civil support team" needs satellite communication technology, bomb sniffing dogs, and wears backpacks that match the exploded one EXACTLY whereas the Tsarnaev brothers' did not.

    While you're at it, explain why the Boston Globe newspaper on April 15, 2013, at 12:53 p.m., tweeted that according to police, there would be “a controlled explosion” on the 600 block on Boylston Street, across from the Boston Public Library.

    Please explain why we need bomb detonations at public events, why this drill turned into a real world bombing, and why almost EVERY "terror attack" has a gov't "drill" running parallel to it...a drill that mimics the EXACT scenario of the actual attack....planned and carried out by MAGICAL COINCIDENCE to the "terror attack" that actually happened.

    Oh, I'm all ears shill. Go ahead.