Friday, May 17, 2013

Camp Identitaire Xème édition - Génération Identitaire

Via SF Medic

Set in the Orleans from 12 to 18 August 2012, bringing together 70 participants, the 10th Youth Summer Camp identity was a success. Despite the complications and multiple pressures, the camp came to launch a very beautiful year-anniversary of 10 years of identity movement way.

For the first time this year, conferences and workshops were driven exclusively by executives and went through summer camps activists and dedicated school identity formation as well as the reality of our activist community. Because it is now a third generation of activists that the torch of youth identity has been sent.

Projects and ambitions of this Generation Identitaire were presented to all attendees of the Day conclude from this great week with many interventions, sports and cultural activities, and even an acoustic concert at the end of the day.

Tenth Summer youth identity but the first held under a socialist government camp this week has been marked by political and media frenzy unprecedented (delusional press the far left, obligingly relayed by local media).

Sign of the times and strong symbol: while the prefecture mobilized dozens of policemen to monitor and harass Day participants closing the boxing club and a bar-tobacco were burned in the nearby town of Gien ...

The socialist government seems to have chosen to appoint us as their enemies, the Generation Identitaire not disappoint!

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  1. Here is a group that should have a say in America;

    Intelligent and educated youth

    1. I posted that before, but shall again. Thanks.:)