Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CA DMV requests federals to rule if street legal jet powered Volkswagen Beetle constitutes a threat to national security

Via Cousin Colby


This is my street-legal jet car on full afterburner. The car has two engines: the production gasoline engine in the front driving the front wheels and the jet engine in the back. The idea is that you drive around legally on the gasoline engine and when you want to have some fun, you spin up the jet and get on the burner (you can start the jet while driving along on the gasoline engine).

The car was built because I wanted the wildest street-legal ride possible. With this project, I was able to use some stuff I learned while getting my fancy engineering degree (I have a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University) to design a street-legal jet car without the distraction of how other people have done it in the past - because no one has. I don't know how fast the car will go and probably never will. The car was built to thrill me, not kill me. That doesn't stop me from the occasional blast on the highway though.


  1. Add him to the DHS list of "domestic terrorists". That "Bug", and the jet powered scooter should be seized by the feds as "real threats" to national security!!
    Sadly, the feds will pat CA DMV on and back for alerting them to this citizens use of imagination, and independent spirit!