Sunday, June 30, 2013

Coal-state Dems chisel away at Obama climate plan


President Obama, in his weekly radio address, beseeched voters to get behind his climate change plan and punish politicians who don't.

He may want to be careful what he asks for. Several of those lawmakers come from the president's own party.

Coal-state Democrats have been as scathing as any Republican in reaction to the president's plan, unveiled Tuesday in a speech at Georgetown University. The pushback was almost immediate, and a glaring signal of the trouble Obama may encounter as he charges ahead with new restrictions on coal-fired power plants.

Though Obama technically is going around Congress by having the Environmental Protection Agency impose the rules, moderate Democrats made clear they will pressure the administration from inside the party to scale back. They carry a simple message: The regulations will kill jobs, but working with the coal industry to improve its own clean-coal technology won't.

West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin, calling the president's plan a "war on America," delivered one of the most forceful rebuttals in an interview with Fox News.

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  1. Remember the scene in "Hunt for Red October" when the Soviet crewmen in the life rafts cheer because "The Captain is fighting them!"

    This is a great show, too, isn't it?

  2. Sorry I aint buying nothing that rat bastard Joe Manchin is selling ,I have alot of friends from WV and they say he was a puppet of this administration from day one A spineless weasel who will sell out his own people for a spot at the table. Anyone remember the bull he sold during his run for Senate? How about his gun stance recently? Manchin is a Progressive thats all I need to know.