Sunday, June 30, 2013

Saying Grace: Paula Deen, Progressives, and Race

Via Charlie

What really angers me is the fact that most of the people really tripping about Deen’s past are from the North.

I am sure that it had to be hard for them. After all, it was clear that they were going to have to explain to their African American professor why going to Brixton was so uncomfortable. I had seen that look many times before. The search for the right words; the really right words that would convince both the teacher and their peers that their reactions were normal. I felt for them in that moment–knowing that they were facing a fear worse than being in Brixton–the fear of being perceived as a racist. They knew that if they said the wrong thing; used the wrong metaphor; emphasized the wrong syllable they would be marked forever, with the scarlet R that would make them outcasts–at least in our study abroad program. I wish I could have told them it was ok. I wish I could have told them to ‘be you’ and we will talk it out, interrogate it, and leave you to work it out. But I knew that if this ‘so-called’ group of ‘cool and informed college kids’ heard anything that sounded like an excuse based on race, these two students would be forever ostracized.

Now according to the party line, I was supposed to jump down these two students throats and explain to them the facts of historical racism and how they had been cultivated to fear anything with a skin color deeper than olive. I was supposed to hold up my fist, label them hate mongers; Fox Television disciples; and cast them into the utter darkness of a C- (these days anything below a B is considered the kiss of death amongst our grade sensitive co-eds). But I didn’t and I won’t.

When it comes to discussing race, progressives have little tolerance for intolerance–past or present. We throw labels around as easily as the Pharisees threw stones at adulterous women. How dare someone not have OUR enlightened view on the world!  How dare they not have been born with the innate view of justice, righteousness, and soul that we have!


  1. Amen to that post.
    Those without sin, cast the first stone.

    Paula Deen was just a novelty act for Northerners and liberals everywhere anyway. Folks from round here would have the good sense and forgiveness given them by the Grace of God to know she has love in her heart for all people. It was by her own admission that she said it and had regret for saying it.

    I would have to say....that if ANYONE claims they never said that word, is a LIAR. And before anyone reading starts snapping their suspenders and getting that self-rightous better think back. Because if you ever thought it, you just as well have said it.

    Therefore, if a man lusts for a woman he has already committed adultery in his heart. (Holy Bible)


    1. We have more reasons, if that is possible, to secede now than before. Our marriage by 1861 cried for a divorce, but no, we were kept against our will ever since to the detriment of all.

    2. indyjonesouthereJuly 1, 2013 at 3:08 PM

      Vox Day had a piece on this a couple of days ago that I agree with completely. NEVER ask for forgiveness from the thug class. I grew up in Minnesota and so did Vox but there was no excuse for this happening. It is another sign that the old thug guard is fearful of its future....and they ought to be.