Sunday, June 30, 2013

UK: EDL leaders attacked then arrested for attempting to walk through "Muslim area"

Via Angry Mike

Now just walking down the street gets you arrested in the UK if it might upset Muslims. The entry ban against Robert Spencer and me, and now this, while the left and the Islamic supremacists beat their chests in victory. Sign this petition now.

Compare the above video with the Muslims "protesting" in 2009:


  1. Sounds like Barry has conspired with the British PTB to "fundamentally transform" Great Britain as well....

  2. This is the way it is when you have lesbian police enforcing non-existent sharia laws, "obstructing a senior officer."
    This is the way it will be when you have a muslim president bringing the same to our shores.
    Tommy Robinson of the EDL could be the mechanic or farmer or doctor who lives next to you here in USSA. The female bobby is already on your local PD or teaching your child in school.

  3. A variant of this has already occured here in Amerikwa; Christian evangelics were assaulted in al-Dearborn, WHILE POLICE WATCHED, by the local Muzzscum. No arrests. Other physical assaults have occured in that shithole sister to Detroit, perpetrated by Muzz on infidels, in local high schools.

    Lest we forget, the religious affiliation of the Executive is plainly evident by his actions, and his autobiographical words, where he pledged to protect Mohammedans if "an ill wind blows"

    Western Civ has devolved to the stage where it will not take its' own side in an existential conflict.

    Prepare Accordingly