Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Did someone help Ed Snowden punch a hole in the NSA?

Via  comment by  Horace on Ex-CIA Worker Revealed as Source of Spy Agency Leaks


Ed Snowden, NSA leaker. Honest man. Doing what was right. Bravo. 

That still doesn’t preclude the possibility that, unknown to him, he was managed by people to put him the right place to expose NSA secrets.

Snowden’s exposure of NSA was a righteous act, because that agency is a RICO criminal. But that doesn’t mean we have the whole story.

How many people work in classified jobs for the NSA? And here is one man, Snowden, who is working for Booz Allen, an outside contractor, but is assigned to NSA, and he can get access to, and copy, documents that expose the spying collaboration between NSA and the biggest tech companies in the world—and he can get away with it.

If so, then NSA is a sieve leaking out of all holes. Because that means a whole lot of other, higher NSA employees can likewise steal these documents. Many, many other people can copy them and take them. Poof.

If the NSA is not a sieve, it’s quite correct to suspect Snowden, a relatively low-level man, was guided and helped. 

Does that diminish what Snowden accomplished? No. But it casts it in a different light.
Or you can believe a scenario like this:


  1. http://www.straightlinelogic.com/straightlinelogic/June_10,_2013.html
    "It is curious that Snowden would give his information and documents to The Guardian. Why not a U.S. newspaper, and why wasn’t Snowden worried that “the world’s leading liberal voice” might squelch a story that reflects so badly on President Obama? It is also curious that the Washington Post would be so quick to publish the ISP part of the story, and that the New York Times would be so quick to condemn the administration. Since Bill Clinton’s ascendency, those two leading papers have been lapdogs rather than watchdogs concerning possible moral and legal transgressions by Democrats. A compilation of their investigative scoops and editorial condemnations of such matters would be a thin book indeed. It generally runs the other way; they often serve as Democratic mouthpieces and spinmeisters."

    My suspicion that something ain't right with story are being looked at. It may just be another Obama dodge.

    1. My suspicion that something ain't right with story are being looked at. It may just be another Obama dodge.

      As with anything related to Hussein.