Friday, June 21, 2013

Ghosts of Waco

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Revelations involving cover-up could bring down Obama machine

Could they end the reign of Obama?

Could the tragic events of Waco in 1993 bring down the president and the Democratic machine after 20 years? Mike McNulty, producer of the Emmy Award winning, Academy Award nominated documentary “Waco: Rules of Engagement” and its follow-up films, “Waco, A New Revelation” and “The FLIR Project,” believes it could. McNulty says that the close ties between the Waco atrocity and members of the Obama administration – including Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and powerful congressional Democrats – could unravel the administration and the entire Washington Democratic power structure.

McNulty insists that Hillary Clinton in particular was deeply involved in the Waco debacle and in the multiple cover-ups that followed, and that criminal prosecutions could be brought against her and others. “There’s no statute of limitations on murder,” says McNulty.

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  1. Schumer stated that flash-bangs were not lethal and you could hold one 3 ft from your face and nothing would happen. This was when he was a Congressman- still waiting on him to demonstrate.

  2. Giving me hope. I watched the tanks driven into the building, the fire break out, on live TV and called it murder. That's what it was. Put the murderers on trial, please.

    1. That would wipe out much of the government which would be a start.