Monday, June 24, 2013

NC: Mystery solved: Sturm Ruger latest looking to transition out of slave state Connecticut

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 Appleseed shooter with Ruger 10/22 in "Liberty Training Rifle" trim.

Appleseed shooter with Ruger 10/22 in “Liberty Training Rifle” trim.

It was less than two weeks ago that we posted that an unknown gun company was looking to possibly move operations to Mayodan, NC. We can now confirm that Mayodan is one of three possible locations for Sturm, Ruger  & Co., which would confirm that the exodus of gun companies from anti-gun Connecticut is beginning to pick up steam:

Darrell Freeman of Madison, Brad Young of Reidsville and Steven Sherwood from Davidson County heard about the manufacturer’s request for interview applications from different sources. Freeman said his wife saw an announcement on Facebook, while Sherwood heard a television news report and Young saw it on a news media’s website.

The three new friends confirmed the company considering a Mayodan location was Sturm Ruger & Co. – a Connecticut-based corporation with manufacturing facilities in New Hampshire and Arizona. They also said Mayodan was one of three potential locations for a new manufacturing plant.

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