Monday, June 10, 2013

Staples backs off after banning NE gun dealer from contest

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Office supply chain Staples is backing down after banning a Nebraska gun shop from entering a company contest.

Maple Creek Gunsmithing, a gun retailer in Fremont, tried to enter a Staples small business “Push it Forward” contest for a shot at winning a $50,000 marketing campaign. Instead, the owners got an email from Staples saying they couldn’t participate because their business promotes firearms and weapons.

Well, the little gun shop has since gotten some free publicity anyway, thanks to outrage from the gun community.

The gun shop owners — Travis Vonseggern and Bill Jackson — posted the Staples email on their Facebook page and wrote, “Wow we spent a ton of money with them and this is the support we get. We are never spending a dime in that store again and would encourage you to do the same.”

Vonseggern said the store has gotten calls and emails of support from across the country from people who are boycotting Staples.

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