Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hundreds bear arms in Westcliffe parade

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 The Fourth of July Parade in the town of Westcliffe looked like many Independence Day celebrations with floats, horse riding groups and fire trucks. However, what set this parade apart were all of the guns. There were moms with guns, dads with guns and even kids with guns.

The Southern Colorado Patriots Club invited gun owners and Tea Party members to march with them in the parade, displaying their unloaded weapons.

"We believe in the constitution, we believe in the First Amendment, the right to assembly, the right to march, the right to our voice," said Patriots Club president Mike Hess. "We believe strongly that Second amendment rights should not be infringed."

Hess says the idea was to show support for the 54 county sheriffs, including Custer County Sheriff Fred Jobe, for suing the State of Colorado over the recently enacted gun control laws.

More with video @ KOAA

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