Sunday, July 7, 2013

Obama finds money to help other countries, but not America


When Barack Obama was elected president for his first term, his wife Michelle made the statement, "for the first time in my life I'm proud to be an American." It had to be hard for her living under a constitution that gave her and her husband the right to run for president and live in the White House with unlimited vacations.

As Obama goes full steam ahead fundamentally changing America into his version of a socialist utopia, our economy and most other institutions of a Constitutional Republic are floundering woefully on the rocks. While America no longer has the funds to give full military burials to Air Force retirees and is cutting our military back both materially and with personnel, he still managed to find areas to squeeze another dollar out of American taxpayers to give tanks and jets to his Islamic radical dictator friend in Egypt.

He always finds enough of our money to help the rest of the world but not those here at home, even though we are supposed to be broke. While he lives large, living the high life and giving our money to our enemies, he cuts our basic social programs at home, leaving the truly needy and elderly and all Americans for that matter, to fend for themselves under his plans that have helped nothing but his ideology. It certainly hasn't helped Americans.

As a veteran and retired employee of the United States government, the majority of my life was spent in service to my country under my oath to the U.S. Constitution. Not to any individual, but to the principles of the founding fathers of this nation. Our ideology and the laws that guide us as a country. Presidents come and go, but the Constitution remains the same.
Neither the Democrats nor Republicans care very much for this document either, or they would hold Obama accountable under its laws and restrictions. Like him, the only thing that matters to any of them is being in charge and having that power for themselves. As long as their ends justify their means, their attitude is to hell with the Constitution, it's a hindrance that gets in their way and must be by-passed at all costs.

For the first time in my life. I'm ashamed of being an American, because Obama is trying to kill its superpower status in the world and make us financial slaves to the rest of the world by replacing our United States Constitution with his version of a Utopian fantasy land that's a dismal failure and nightmare to working Americans. 

Billy E. Price 

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