Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Poll: Majority of Braindead Americans Have Never Heard of Common Core

Via avordvet


Close to two-thirds of the American public doesn’t know what Common Core is, according to a recent poll. The Obama administration has been pushing the education initiative that seeks to achieve a core curriculum in the nation’s schools, despite strong resistance from several states.

The poll found that 62 percent of respondents had never heard of Common Core, and even among parents with children in public schools K-12, only 45 percent of parents had heard of it.

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  1. Common core has its roots as far back as far1944. While strolling through my fathers war letters from his tour in the Asia during WWII (you know, the ones that were censored with exacto blades) I found an editorial article clipped from a newspaper by my grandmother titled "The Great Brain" She had clipped every piece that pertained to my dad's movements with McArthur's Americal Division. (Hence my first name reflects my dad's admiration for the late General)
    I spoke of the Roosevelt's wanting to nationalize education and standardizing it. The author chastised the Roosevelt's and went as far as calling it communistic. Maybe I will post the essay on YouTube.
    All in all, common core is a top down system that takes control from districts and systems and forces the curriculum it chooses onto communities. It hates home schoolers and aims to destroy it. It dumps down kids... you all have heard that we are not exceptional. This reaffirms it.

    1. Thanks and please do put it on YouTube and let me know.