Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Stars and Bars


Via comment by  pipermichael on In your opinion, what does the Confederate flag symbolize?

The Stars and Bars
by Piper Michael

The stars and bars,
we hear your songs,
in the dissonance,
of Obama's throngs.

We heard the lilt,
and the crazy swoon,
of the monkeys crying,
like a big baboon.

He's taken us all,
now the sun does set,
on the Federal dung,
last experiment.

An experiment,
of blood and gore,
that the union is,
a perfidious whore.

Now we know,
and now we see,
on the backs of the vanquished,
fought for you and for me.

The States had rights,
but now are none,
as the Federal monster,
again plays the drum.

Spirit of Dixie,
does live again,
as the boot of the monster,
on our throat now attends.

The politicians lie,
and the bankers cheat,
as we all were taken,
by the Federals teat.

Doctors say good bye,
unborn's silent scream,
and you will pay,
for their Godless dream.

The Usurper mounts,
up to the sky,
our bodies are owned,
and granny does die.

Rally round the flag boys,
The III are Everywhere,
God's hands of justice,
Head Mooslim doesn't care.

They call us evil,
they call us extreme,
But the Evil we see,
we are The III.

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