Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Warsaw Uprising Trailer & more

Via  Ol' Remus 

 Witold Kiesun in 1944Witold Kiesun in 2013
Then and now: Witold Kiezun pictured during the 1944 Warsaw Uprising, left, and earlier this month, right

Warsaw Uprising in colour: Black and white pictures taken during doomed 1944 revolt against the Nazis turned into incredible feature movie with sound and colour

  • Mesmerizing account of house-to-house fighting against German army
  • Cinematographers added coloration and sound to the black and white
  • Only fictional elements are voiceovers presenting imagined narrative 
  • More @ Daily Mail


  1. Sounds like an awesome movie. It is always good to remind ourselves of heroes who fought against fascists and totalitarianism.