Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rubio Tones Down Immigration Talk

Via avordvet

On a recent swing through the most conservative parts of his state, Sen. Marco Rubio told a packed banquet hall at the St. Andrews Bay Yacht Club that major policy issues were threatening the American dream:

onerous taxes, burdensome regulations — and, above all, President Barack Obama's health care law.
But all Doc Washburn wanted to know about was immigration.

The local radio talk-show host asked the Republican senator why he had worked with Democrats on legislation that would give the estimated 11 million immigrants here illegally an eventual path to citizenship.

"We know you, and we've always loved you," Washburn said, "and yet you're pushing this and it's a real problem for us."

The exchange — and Rubio's reluctance to raise the issue after spending months advocating for comprehensive immigration reform — underscore why the potential presidential candidate has undertaken a sort of image-rehabilitation tour, promoting his conservative bona fides to crowds in Florida's most Republican bastions.

Once embraced by the tea party, Rubio's name can now elicit boos and catcalls at rallies. And since he began championing immigration changes, his standing has slipped in some polls.

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  1. A perfect example there is no difference in politicians republican or democrat the are both traitors. Be careful what you wish for, you may get it. They are both given an agenda by the same master and they obey like a good serf.


  2. That Obama may go around congress on an immigration bill so 'we' better do something ourselves is a crock of --. Is Rubio really threatening us? He's finished and he knows it. Only an unimformed Rhino would ever consider backing him on anything.

    1. What a huge disappointment he has turned out to be.

  3. They are all a bunch of egomaniacs and their only purpose is self aggrandizement. I have a solution but it will never happen.
    The congress should be selected by lot from qualified citizens in the same manner as a jury is selected. They should be sent to DC to serve one term. Congress should be convened every other year for a term not exceeding 180 day and the selected representatives should be allowed to disband and come home as soon as the budget is complete and the other vital business is attended to or at the end of the 180 day term which ever comes first. If the founders had set it up that way and we had let it alone we wouldn't be in this mess.