Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dancing in Damascus as the country burns: Clubbers who are still enjoying life despite Syria’s civil war

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 'Change of atmosphere': Young people dance at a nightclub in downtown Damascus, a city which, like the rest of Syria, has been riven by a 30-month old civil war that is thought to have left 100,000 dead

  • Around a dozen nightclubs remain open to revellers in the Syrian capital
  • Others enjoy nights out at salsa classes or Arabic karaoke nights
  • The 30-month-old civil war is estimated to have killed around 100,000 so farWhen night falls in Damascus, these days most people lock themselves fearfully in their homes.  

    But a few still venture out, on a mission to drown out the thunder of artillery fire with the boom of dance music.

    Though shells are raining down on suspected rebel positions in suburbs just a few miles away, these determined revellers head to the Syrian capital's night clubs to try to forget the war on their doorstep. 

    Many more pictures @ Daily Mail

    1. Is it just me missing something or are there only GUYS in that photo?

      Must be the Blue Oyster Bar, Damascus branch.

      1. I see one girl on the left and there are others at the link.

      2. Ahh, gotcha Brock, I see them now. It was the beards that threw me off ;)

      3. :) Well there definitely are more men, but I imagine that would be normal in Syria.

    2. Had a friend that went on a trip to Egypt a few years back- they guide gave advice that wasn't followed and a person in the group ended up sodomizing a gay Egyptian in drag - he went home early after he was caught. Not sure even there how can you not know pink vs brown eye? I guess only Obama knows..