Sunday, September 29, 2013

Leaked Pentagon Video - Flu Vaccine Proposed to Modify Human Behavior?

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  1. Medicaid people in US are already getting shot with something when they get a flu shot for years in Maryland. It happened to me. But body and soul are different. What they did to my body did not take the Holy Spirit out of my soul. I am a Targeted Individual in Takoma Park, MD struggling to survive and think free will under HAARP mind, body control forced on me. They killed my husband MARCUS PENN torturing him studying him to death in March 2013. The Catholic Church under Victory Housing a business concern of the church runs these federal funding projects at Victory Tower senior apt bldg. since 2004 and several other sites in MD. Stay out of section8 and Medicaid programs; feds are turning many such citizens into lab rats and you will die when they are through with you. Marcus was the Jew but they overlooked his having dyslexia when forcing interview. He was old not in modern type school programs for such students so there were no records he did not tell. I'm being pressed not to write this they are punishing me as I type. I use protective measures but they are not enough. Buddy was murdered in front of me so I would be terrified into silence but my soul is strong it had the opposite effect. The speaker in video made many assumptions about human behavior and responses. I win by thinking out the box. Humans are flawed so any system they design would have some flaws I look for the errors assumptions to find a way to be free. I'm 24/7 under surveillance and electromagnetic and lights impulses. I don't kill anyone but US federal govt has obviously programed me to do so. I tell on computer each day how they work me so others can be aware of patterns know how to resist if they need to know. If I don't do their bidding they will kill me with a drone like Marcus who did not know how to read and write Hebrew so when experimenting using mother tongue language control of brain he was not a possible subject for the Jewish study. It was all greek to him and me but I heard it sent at him plenty of times. He could not be used to kill Jews so he was executed.