Sunday, September 29, 2013

Obama drops below 40 percent approval in two polls

 Low poll numbers for Obama

 Get your filthy feet off the table.

As President Barack Obama’s signature Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act enters the all-important sign-up phase next week, the president finds himself with some of the lowest approval ratings of his presidency even as Republicans in an unpopular Congress maneuver to block the health-care legislation from taking effect.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll of 1,729 Americans taken Sept. 20-24 found only 39 percent of those surveyed approve of the job Obama is doing as president, while 55 percent disapprove.

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  1. Add my vote to the poll... I disapprove of obama.

  2. the polls lie, this is the most hated, most despised, most divisive, most cynical, most hateful, most illegitimate, most under qualified and the most rotten president since Lincoln