Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oliver North says Republicans 'complicit' in letting intelligence services 'trod on' 4th Amendment

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Retired Marine colonel and Iran-Contra figure Oliver North said in Huntsville Friday that that he is "deeply concerned" about the data being collected on American citizens by American intelligence agencies.

"I think the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution has been trod on," North told a press conference before addressing a crowd of 350 at a young Republicans' dinner at the Davidson Center for Space Technology. North added that "the Republicans in Congress are complicit by not insisting on a select committee to investigate not just NSA, but Benghazi, the IRS, the spying on Americans, enemies' lists being compiled."

"I think all of that would be worthy of a select committee," North said, "and I think I know a little something about select committees."

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  1. Ollie may be correct in his assumptions, but he just needs to shut his pie hole and crawl under the rock that he came from.


  2. Republicans are as much the problem as democrats. Both parties’ democrats and republicans are run by “New World order” progressives. That is why America has constantly moved to big totalitarian federal government regardless of which party was in control.


  3. I'd rather listen to Juan Williams than Ollie.

  4. Saw a post last summer wherein it was claimed that there are now 93 million Americans on some kind of government ' watch list ' also it was stated that there are 8 million on a standby ' immediate arrest list ' . So with that being about 1 in 3 ,.... this would in my opinion qualify certain people in the government as dangerous paranoid mental cases . One thing we are certain of .... if they show up on your property in full battle rattle with helo support and armor , they're not there to arrest you , they intend to murder you . We damn sure ain't in Kansas anymore Dorothy . W. Russell