Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cracker Barrel: Oops! We're Putting Duck Dynasty Products Back On Our Shelves!

Via Ninety Miles From Tyranny

 Cracker Barrel customers can now resume buying Duck Dynasty trinkets.

I think we can safely call Cracker Barrel’s response to the Phil Robertson scandal a clusterduck.

For those sensible souls not following the saga as closely as I am: the Southern restaurant chain became the first major retailer to pull some Duck Dynasty products off its shelves on Saturday in response to cast member Robertson’s now-notorious anti-gay GQ interview.
Cue a barrage of tweets, emails, and calls from Duck Dynasty fans to the powers that be at Cracker Barrel, not to mention threats of a boycott.

Now, a day later, the 625-outlet comfort food chain has capitulated and will resume selling Duck Dynasty products. Here’s their statement, dated Sunday:

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  1. Duck Dynasty is what brings money into A&E.
    Duck Commander is what the boys own.

    Buying DD stuff is putting money into A&E's pockets.

    If I read correctly- Cracker Barrel discontinued DD and kept the DC label on their shelves.