Sunday, December 29, 2013

"The Sainted Women of North Carolina"
 Women of the Confederacy by Augustus Lukeman, located on the grounds of the North Carolina State Capitol, Raleigh, North Carolina, USA. Monument dedicated on June 10, 1914.

“The heroism of woman! How infinitely it surpasses that of man. 

With all her gentleness, and tenderness and natural timidity, in nine cases in ten,
she has more nerve than the other sex, in times of great emergency. With a bleeding
and bursting heart, she is capable of putting on the composure, and loving serenity
of an angel, binding up the wounds of a husband or son, and when he is restored
to health and vigor, buckling on his sword anew, and returning him to the battle-field.

Glorious women of the South! What an ordeal you have passed through, and how heroically
you have stood the trying test. You lost the liberty which your husbands, sires, and sons
struggled for, but only for a period. The blood which you have infused into the veins of
future generations will yet rise up to vindicate you, and “call you blessed.”

(Memories of Service Afloat, Semmes, LSU Press, pp. 79-80)

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