Thursday, January 2, 2014

Budget Cuts Imperil Federal Court System, Roberts Says


Via avordvet who comments:

Really, Just can't find ANYWHERE to cut back, not one area?

Educational seminars or judicial junkets?

Federal judges enjoy taxpayer-funded junkets, too

Spotlight on Judicial Junkets

Exclusive: 9th Circuit Takes Plush Maui Vacation At Taxpayer Expense, As Others Cut Back


Budget cuts have imperiled the ability of the federal court system to deliver prompt justice and to protect the public, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote on Tuesday in his annual report on the state of the federal judiciary. He said the mandatory budget cuts known as sequestration had taken a disproportionate toll on the federal court system and were poised to “pose a genuine threat to public safety.”

Unlike federal agencies, the chief justice said, the federal courts do not have discretionary programs they can postpone or eliminate, “because virtually all of their core functions are constitutionally and statutorily required.”

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