Thursday, January 2, 2014

Fort Morgan shipwreck may be CSS Monticello

Via Robert

Bowsprit and portion of jib boom believed to be from sunken Civil War schooner

Since a new shipwreck appeared over the holiday season along the Alabama beaches, history buff and author Harry P. Davis has been on the case. He now thinks he has an identification of the vessel.

"So far I haven't seen any identification of the recent shipwreck on Fort Morgan beach so maybe I'll be first to offer my opinion," said Davis.

Recent winds and currents coincided to reveal an assortment of shells and sea life rarely seen along the Gulf beaches . . . everything from starfish to the swarm of Portuguese man 'o war which prompted Purple beach flags to fly last week.

And now another shipwreck is among the rare treasures unveiled by mother nature.

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