Monday, January 6, 2014

NC: Parents call police for help, cops show up and kill their 18-year-old son

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 The family said they recently lost their daughter in a car accident and this is the second child they will have to bury.

 Parents call police for help, cops show up and kill their 18-year-old son

There had better be more to this story.

Two North Carolina parents are in shock after local police shot and killed their 18-year-old son in their own home, while they watched helplessly.

The family called police because they were worried about their son, Keith Vidal, who is schizophrenic and suffers from depression, according to local news. Vidal, armed with a small screwdriver, was apparently having a psychotic episode. Mark Wilsey, Vidal’s father, called the authorities to help deal with the situation.

An officer from the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Office and another from the Boiling Spring Lakes police department showed up to the house soon after. Eventually, a third officer from the Southport police department entered the home as well, and ordered the use of tasers to subdue Vidal. According to Wilsey, Vidal was pinned on the ground by two of the officers when a third said, “we don’t have time for this,” and shot Vidal, killing him.


  1. Fuck those pussy ass cops they ain't shit without a badge and gun these officers should be shot and killed cause we ain't got time for there ass's

  2. 1. Learn to assess the threat level of family conflicts.
    2. Have a plan of action ahead of time.
    3. Learn to disarm and restrain, especially if your family members are mentally challanged.
    4. Never call the cops in a family dispute. Ever.

    1. Evidently not in this day and age. When I was young, my mother put me on a bus in Warrenton, Virginia to go visit my grandmother in Littlleton, NC. My grandmother called the police chief and asked him to please meet the bus and bring me to her house. Yes, times were better before.

    2. We live in a very small town with small town police and deputies. My first move when we settled was to go meet the officers, take pics of the girls (update them yearly), and explain their conditions. I explained very clearly how their communication challenges worked and what yelling at them would accomplish. That being said, they are the LAST resort, if ever.