Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Alabama state representative doubles down on racist comments in absurd Fox News interview

Via Billy

Alabama State Rep. Alvin Holmes, D-Montgomery, found himself in the spotlight last week when he called US Supreme Court Justice Clarence an “Uncle Tom” and criticized his interracial marriage while speaking at the mic on the floor of the Alabama House of Representatives.

For those who have been listening to Holmes’ ramblings for years, his comments were hardly out of character, and he proved as much during an interview with Fox News correspondent David Webb during Monday night’s episode of Hannity.

Webb began by asking Rep. Holmes if he stands by his description of Justice Thomas as an “Uncle Tom.”

“Yes I do,” Holmes replied without hesitation. “I think Justice Thomas on the United States Supreme Court is an Uncle Tom. A black man allowed himself to be used to carry the message of a white man, which is against the interests of black people in America.


  1. Still think we can vote our way out of this mess?

  2. Just another black racist. African racist.

    1. But, doncha' know, blacks can't be racist, only whites........?:)