Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zoomie: For My Pals In Connecticut...


  1. Talk is cheap. That's all I hear /read from this person. Why doesn't he led the "assault"?
    Tired of keyboard leadership. Ignore people like this...

    1. Hey, "Anonymous" why don't you click on his link at the top and tell him................?

    2. Anonymous: I will begin politely: You are an idiot. PsyOps is as necessary as every other facet of winning a victory for Liberty, and Zoomie is damned good at it. Also, when the time comes you can bet your arse he'll be shoulder to shoulder with Patriots defending home & hearth. But he doesn't need me to provide his defense. I'm simply here to tell you that your Patriot card has been revoked. You are no longer allowed to claim the title. You are no longer allowed to visit Liberty websites or add your 2 cents, because we can't make change. Oh, and have a nice warm mug of Fuck Off.


    3. Your anonimity speaks volumes.


      Paul Johnson
      Indianapolis IN

    4. Can people be anymore brain dead I swear... Zoomie has done more for the movement than I've thought about...I know he's inspired me with his artwork and wit...Why cant people keep their big yaps shut if the only thing coming out is drivel...

  2. Damn Sam, why don't you tell him how you really feel?
    Anon, what have YOU done?
    Ken "Wirecutter" Lane
    Ceres, CA

  3. Talk can be either cheap or of inestimable value, depending on what is said. In your case, "Anon," I would say it is, in fact, of negative value, taking perfectly usable bandwidth and spoiling it with drivel.

    David M. Schmidt (DMS)
    Raleigh, NC

  4. Dear Anonymous @ 2/26/14 12:04PM, as soon as the elitist statist .gov of Conn. sets a date, time and place for confiscation(which I suspect he will for effect), I am hauling my arse down there to record the efforts and who knows what else...

    Care to join me......?