Monday, March 10, 2014

Actually, black Confederate soldiers served with distinction throughout Civil War
 “Rebel Negro Pickets Seen through a Field Glass.”
 Harper’s magazine, January 10, 1863

I appreciated Tony Kendall’s column last week, but wondered if perhaps there was, in the immortal words of Paul Harvey, a “rest of the story.”
I also remembered a fine column appearing in this paper some years ago by William Barr, which discussed the pension records of black Confederate soldiers in Tennessee, and am surprised Mr. Kendall did not.

Then again, being married to the author means that I was perhaps more attentive to it!

Samuel Johnson said there are two kinds of knowledge — that which we know and that which we know how to find.

I would add that we are also wise if we know when to find someone who knows something in which we are interested. I am fortunate to have many historians in my life, both professional and amateur.
Rather than revisit Bill’s column, I was able to get a new perspective.

John Mark King is a Kentuckian and member of the Southern Nationalist Party, which he says “welcome(s) the participation and leadership of black men and women of the South — in the struggle for liberty and just governance.”

And now, for the rest of my column, I give you Mr. King’s remarks:

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