Monday, March 31, 2014

Albuquerque Erupts Over Police Shootings

Via Jonathan

What started as a peaceful protest yesterday in Albuquerque ended up with at least six protesters arrested, one officer injured, and more than two dozen canisters of tear gas thrown into the hundreds-strong crowd. Demonstrators started rallying downtown at noon, protesting against officer-involved shootings in the city, particularly the March 16 fatal shooting of homeless man James M. Boyd. The tear gas was used after 9pm, when protesters ignored commands to disperse, the Albuquerque Journal reports. Demonstrators also blocked traffic and caused "mayhem," the mayor said, as they tried to get onto freeways, the AP reports.

Protesters were accused of vandalism, fighting, throwing rocks, and trying to break the windows of a police cruiser with an officer trapped inside. "We respected their rights to protest, obviously," said the mayor, but "they’ve taken it far beyond a normal protest."(I've got a sterling idea, why don't y'all stop killing innocent people?  I know that would be a novel thought for you though. BT)

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  1. Hope they are taking a page from the occupy ws crowd and protesting at the cops & city leaders homes.

    1. I'd forgotten about that and needless to say, these killings require that at a minimum and more.

  2. New Mexico, New York, CT. Don't much care where the fight starts so long as it starts.

  3. Kudos to Albuquerque residents

  4. One would imagine life was/is not too comfortable for the parties arrested by the police against whom they were protesting. It is startling easy to predict a few 'technical difficulties' with camera and recorder systems in the cars and at the jail...