Monday, March 31, 2014

Ron Brown's House of Cards

Via Sioux 


Former congressman Barney Frank does not much like the wickedly cynical series on Netflix, House of Cards. He has particular trouble believing that a charming Southern Democrat and his ice-queen wife could cheat and lie and murder their way to the White House.

“Preposterous” is how Frank describes the series’ lead character, Frank Underwood. “He has no political principles, either substantive or procedural,” whines Frank. “There is no issue about which he cares; no tactic he will not employ, no matter how unfair it is to others; and he is thoroughly dishonest.”

Frank would seem to have forgotten about Bill and Hillary Clinton, their 1995-1996 re-election campaign, and its ultimate victim, Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown, who died on a Croatian hillside eighteen years ago this Thursday.


  1. Methinks Barney doth protesteth too much. The Dems/Marxists/Lefties are far more ruthless than the Repubs could ever dream of - look at the trail of bodies left by the Clintons and the Soetoro/Obama enablers. Kevin Spacey, who hails from New Jersey, never misses an opportunity to hack up the Southern man as he does in his portrayal of Underwood. Spacey just needs to be a Dem from Massachusetts or Illinois - then the show would be more realistic.