Saturday, March 1, 2014

Disney World Pulls Funding for Boy Scouts Over Gay Ban

  A member of Scouts for Equality holds an unofficial knot patch incorporating the colors of the rainbow, a symbol for gay rights.

Walt Disney World will no longer subsidize local chapters of the Boy Scouts of America, in response to the national organization's continued ban on allowing gay troop leaders.

The theme park has donated in the past to the Orlando-area Boy Scouts as part of its "Ears to You" program, which gives money to causes for which its employees volunteer. The Walt Disney Company's "Standards of Business Conduct" includes protections against "harassment or discrimination" based on, amongst other things, "sex, sexual orientation, and gender identification."

The Boy Scouts of America voted last spring to allow openly gay youth scouts, but kept its ban on openly gay troop leaders.

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  1. Fuck Disney World. I will never go there again.

  2. I boycott Disney.

  3. Walt Disney is for children, not for adults sexual preferences. If MR Walt Disney were alive he would kick out whoever is controlling Disney.

    1. he would kick out whoever is controlling Disney.

      In a flash, I imagine.

  4. I wonder how Team Rodent's shareholders will feel about all this?