Sunday, April 20, 2014

450 rounds on back with continuous fire

Via u_96

 Russian Specnaz soldier invented an MG-ammo-bag for a 7,62 PKM machine gun. It allows carry up to 450 rounds on your back and fire without changing the belt after every 100 rounds



  1. Interesting that he has a British ruck, no longer issued British DPM pants, a US multicam top and a movie prop feed tray. Along with the rest of that DPM uniform in the mirror, a set of "army store" combat sneakers , a spandex ski mask , and some kind of home made offset dildo, gab handle built onto the front end of that "weapon" . The cheap mail order two point sling is cute too. -- In a dorm room? Guy looks more like an airsofter to me. The Russian regulars I've seen were all uniform regulation and VERY STRAC. There SF guys don't tend to deviate much at all from uniform issue. ---Ray

    1. It was on this forum if you can make anything out.

  2. Found these.

    The guy apparently sells them just for 3500 RUR (~ $ 100, box not included) for zinc galvanized steel, with ~ 5000-6000 RUR (~ $ 180-200) for stainless ones.
    So far he makes only PKM adapter, but is not against adapting it to other MGs.
    This is very similar to the Mk.48 Ammo Bag used by a few US troops in A'stan.