Sunday, April 20, 2014

China boast: U.S. Marines would be like ‘marching band’ in all out fight

Via LH


Lets see, just exactly how did your overwhelming, mass invasion of Vietnam turn out?

casual remark by a U.S. general during a breakfast has made China mad, really mad, and Beijing’s response is far less than civil and humble.

On April 11, Marine Corps Lt. Gen. John Wissler, commander of the 18,000 Marines in Okinawa, Japan, told reporters at a Washington breakfast meeting that the Marines in the Pacific would quickly retake the Senkaku island group and return it to Japan if China were to invade it.


  1. Marines, Sailors, Soldiers and Airmen on Okinawa are too busy attending drag shows on Kadena to worry about the Chinese.

    My beloved Corps is dead and gone, just like my Nation. The liberals, communists, queers, race-mixers and heathens have destroyed it.

  2. I know right? Imagine the opposite for a second... A conservative, capitalist, straight, homogeneous, God-fearing civilization.

    Which is exactly the civilization that built America. It's great cities, it's industry, it's technology, it's medical system, it's education system, it's agriculture, and so on....

    Less than 300 years later, it's all over except the denial & a bagpipe funeral procession.