Saturday, April 26, 2014

Former heads of Russian General Staff: Can reach Kiev in two or three days

Как отмечают эксперты, для миротворческой операции на востоке Украины достаточно будет нескольких бригад специального назначения

Two former head of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces shared with the newspaper VIEW his thoughts on a possible Russian peacekeeping forces in the Ukraine. Several other retired military believes that the Ukrainian army will not have any serious resistance, but Russia still should not interfere with what is happening.

Former intelligence chief grouping Defense Ministry in Chechnya, Major General Sergei retired newspaper VIEW Kanchukov explained that to lock Donbass from militant attacks take just four connections: two or three special brigade (GRU, "polite people" - approx. LOOK ) to block offensive Kiev forces and one or two mechanized infantry brigades to create a secured perimeter around the protected areas.

"We do not mean the conduct of hostilities, but only a peacekeeping operation. Therefore, there will be enough of special operations forces - special brigade. These are people on the same "tiger" and give them a motorized connections on BTR or airborne troops.Plus need air support helicopters, Border Patrol agents for the control of PBS administrative boundaries, internal forces to maintain security in the area. A local defense forces with the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, the militia of Donbass and other power structures Donetsk and Lugansk regions must disarm "Right sector" and all the other fighters, "- said the former intelligence chief.

According to him, all these pieces are ready for an hour after the order to start a combat mission, and within a few hours - to complete it.

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  1. ah---wouldn't those look great heading right into DC...manned by American Troups...and hell if Putin wanted to help by putting OZero, Reid, Pelosi, Boner, McCain in a Judo Death Grip....he's welcome to come along too....I'd take him to Disneyland afterward.

  2. We are fortunate we have had Russian troops as allies and only had to face them directly in battle in isolated incidents. They are fierce fighters and now their aircraft are a full generation ahead of ours. Among the first-world countries anyone who butts heads with them is a fool. Example; look at the difference between the way they deal with Somali pirates and the way we do.

    1. Thanks and yes, I remember that. They are becoming the conservative bastion of the world.