Saturday, April 26, 2014

So when's the revolution?

Via Terry

 The horrifying headlines were coming so thick and fast this month it was hard to keep up:

    “Feds want your mental health records”

    “Judge says ordinary tools are actually weapons”

    “Hundred of thousands of New Yorkers refuse to register so-called ‘assault weapons’ ahead of April 15 deadline”

    “Treasury now seizing tax refunds from adult children to pay parents’ decades-old Social Security debts”

    “EPA SWAT team raids gold miners in Alaska”

    “Harry Reid defends ‘domestic terrorists’ comments”

    “FBI visiting gun shops to investigate ‘people talking about big government’”

    “Armed Fed raid prompted by safety rules”

    CNN op-ed claims right-wingers ‘more deadly than jihadists’”

    “Legal fight against no-knock SWAT warrants explodes into open”

Believe me, I could add hundreds more. Similar governmental tactics seem to be used in most of these situations: verbal taunting; turning law-abiding citizens into criminals at the stroke of a pen; a strong show of force, often hugely out of proportion to the nature of the alleged crime; an air of violent intimidation; and a suspension of constitutional rights, including First, Second, Third and Fourth (not to mention 10th).

I think it should be fairly clear by now that the purpose of the many government agencies is not to protect us, but instead to intimidate citizens with their Gestapo brownshirt tactics. At some point, something’s going to snap; and when it does, it will be ugly.

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  1. I love Patrice -Have you ever visited her website?
    She is living the homesteader/homeschooler life up there in northern Idaho, and is quite an inspiration. Her blog is a joy and educational with great photos of new hatchlings, the mama cow giving birth in the barn, gardening in old tires, canning a ton of peaches. Her 'Simplicity Primer ' is quite good, too -

    1. No I haven't and thanks. How pleasant.

      "Imagine how simple your life would be if you were out of debt, had well-behaved kids, and a happy marriage. Imagine what it would be like to have an uncluttered home or a job you love.

      Clearly the person who overspends or has extra-marital affairs or refuses to discipline children or nags or drives too fast is complicating his life. Remember, these are choices."

  2. I have already blown a few of those 'simple things' but there is still time for other good choices... at least I hope there is time ;)

  3. Never fear, Indeed! If we are going to avoid incarceration in some old folks home, then we need to get the secret plans for the Centenarian Refuge under way (don't dare call it a commune ;)

    Just got back a little while ago delivering Mom to my brother - was down in Amish country - lots of baby lambs and foals everywhere. Spring really has sprung here in Michiganderland. Were those tornadoes close to where you live?

    1. Spring has sprung!

      Were those tornadoes close to where you live?

      Was that recently?

    2. Most of the heavy weather was on Friday, along 264 east of I-95. Greene, Wayne and Pitt counties caught it pretty hard. 4 tornadoes, golf ball size hail and 60 mph winds plus the torrential rain. A couple people are missing up northeast of here, but no real damage locally.

  4. I just went back and reread the story that went with the headline about Morgan City and Beaufort, but it looks like it was yesterday they are talking about - so not recently, after all )

    1. Beaufort is close to use. A pretty port. Come and see Blackbeard!

  5. Ahh, Blackbeard! A pillager after my own heart ;)

  6. With these headlines, you'd think everyone would be ready to Storm the gates, but recently no one has said they were headed to my house to meet up to go somewheres else to fight, but eventually, I think I'm they'll be someone knocking on my door to head out, and nope, it won't be pretty......... ;(