Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Official Policy: Male Federal Workers Can Use Women's Restrooms, Locker Rooms


When an expectant mother visits her doctor for an ultrasound, the doctor invariably asks: Do you want to know the sex of your child?

The Obama administration, however, does not believe an unborn child has a sex -- even when a doctor sees indisputable physical evidence.

Obama's Office of Personnel Management has published what it calls "Guidance Regarding the Employment of Transgender Individuals in the Workplace." This document speaks of "sex" as something a person has "assigned" to them only after they make it through the birth canal.

"Transgender individuals are people with a gender identity that is different from the sex assigned to them at birth," says the guidance. "Someone who was assigned the male sex at birth but who identifies as female is a transgender woman. Likewise, a person assigned the female sex at birth but who identifies as male is a transgender man."

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  1. Again more proof that the culture and civilization (And I am using that word very losely) has gone collectively insane and is out of touch with reality (by choice).
    Transgender people are mentally ill. There is something very insane with a person, who seeing their sexual organs can say: NO I dont want to be how I was born as but want to force and multilate myself into the opposite sex. And usually that person wants and expects some one else to pay for it all.

  2. "Someone who was assigned the male sex at birth but who identifies as female is a transgender woman...."

    There probably are a small number of people who are affected by this due to messed up chromosomes. But, most these people are deeply troubled, mentally ill and need help, desperately. They won't get that help if Soetoro, say they are free to be nuts and the employer has to hire them and accommodate their needs. This is already happening in schools and colleges. Someone please tell me how a little five year old boy just knows he really is a girl - what puts that in the mind of a small child? To accommodate his wishes, Mommy buys him girl clothes and dolls - who is the sick/confused one here?

  3. To the re-education camp with you - that's hate speech, didn't you know?

    1. :) They'd make it so, if they thought they'd get away with it.