Monday, May 26, 2014

Footage reveals police assaulted, threatened innocent handcuffed woman

Via Ol' Remus

After a police unit raided a tanning salon and massage parlor on the north side of Chicago last summer during a prostitution investigation, things got ugly quickly when they detained a frightened store manager named Jianqing Klyzek.

While Klyzek sat on the floor in handcuffs, an officer then proceeded to strike her from behind, while another threatened to use an electronic taser gun on her “10 f**king times” after which officers threatened Klyzek and members of her family. All the while, a security camera quietly captured the events unfolding.
“You’re not f**king American! I’ll put you in a UPS box and send you back to wherever the f**k you came from,” one of the officers shouted at Klyzek (an American citizen born in China).

“You’re here on our borrowed time,” he continued. “So mind your f**king business before I shut this whole f**king place down….I’ll take this building. You’ll be dead and your family will be dead,” according to a transcription of the video provided for a federal civil rights lawsuit Klyzek brought against the city of Chicago and its police department on May 14.

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  1. WOW!

    You mean to tell me that Chicago still has money she can sue them for, amazing?!~

  2. You see stuff like this in the movies, but to realize it's actually happening is disgusting. Be sure to follow if you're interested in more stories about police overreach as well as the occasional 'attaboy' story for a cop who knows the laws they enforce.

  3. Suing the city does nothing. The cops who actually did wrong things need to pay a price. Criminal and civil liability. It's not the tax payers' fault that this city police officer acted the way he did. I am sure the city police training must at some point cover, "no committing crimes while in uniform".

    1. The cops who actually did wrong things need to pay a price.

      Absolutely, as discussed before.