Monday, May 26, 2014

They Were All Americans

Drawing depicts the Army of Northern Virginia stacking weapons in surrender. Image: National Park Service.

I’ll not forget the high school students who reenacted a Civil War battle when I lived in Virginia. Some of the parents were concerned their son or daughter might have to be a “damned Yankee.”

Actually that brought a few laughs, because everyone realized it was a history lesson.

This week the Santa Clarita Valley International Charter School held a Civil War reenactment. Some people were upset, thinking their son or daughter could have to participate in something like this and they would have to play the part of a Confederate soldier or citizen.

There were similar questions when I lived in Virginia – only my friends there were worried that their children might have to portray a “damned Yankee.”

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  1. I would be first in line to play a "Johhny Reb"!

  2. Me too for playing Johnny Reb. One of my ancestors rode with the Texas cavalry during The War of Northern Aggression. I was also a mounted ACW re-enactor myself, Co. C 5th Virginia Cavalry (the Sussex Light Dragoons).

    But reading the article, is anyone surprised that many folks get it wrong when it comes to this day? For quite some time they have taught very little REAL history let alone military history in the schools. To most this is just a day to celebrate another eight hours off from work with maybe a barbeque thrown in.

    To prove a point, just today my wife and I went out for dinner and a movie. As we were paying the bill for dinner, the young waiter wished us a happy Memorial Day and asked if I was a vet. Upon finding out I was, he was very profuse in his thanks for my service.

    Less than twenty minutes later I got pretty much the same treatment at a nearby Barnes and Nobel by yet another young person. I did not correct either one as I felt they were sincere in their thanks but couldn’t help thinking….“I ain’t dead yet.”

    Somewhere behind enemy lines,
    Peoples Republik of Kommiefornia