Monday, May 26, 2014

Goodies From Ol' Remus


Actual survivalists
No electricity. No running water. No transportation. No phones. No housing. Barter and handout economy. Martial Law. This is occupied Berlin, the British sector, in the spring, of 1945. These were the survivers, with little more than the clothes on their backs. The war ended for them with the cataclysmic Battle of Berlin. Notice the stove built from loose bricks, the pile of firewood and the repurposed gasmask container. We collected war surplus as souvenirs, they recycled it into civilian necessities. Making cooking pots from "Fritz" helmets was a cottage industry.
[1946 video
art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif] [1947 video art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif]

 art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg How to - Make a Survival Water Filter out of materials found along any river. Video, 10m 59s, at YouTube. Hat tip to Accept The Challenge art-link-symbol-tiny-grey-arrow-only-rev01.gif. Remus says: remember, this is only a filter, it yields clean but not safe drinking water. Boiling the water will kill the microbes that remain.

Police with armored vehicles - First of all, returning veterans aren't the problem–militarized police are. Second, if returning veterans did decide to take matters into their own hands, if this idiot thinks that a bunch of fat ass, unqualified, keystone cop goofballs like Amerikan police would be able to handle combat veterans, he is living in fantasy world.
Herschel Smith at 

Constitutions are utterly worthless to restrain the tyranny of government, unless it be understood that the people will by force compel the government to keep within constitutional limits. Practically speaking, no government knows any limits to its power except the endurance of the people.
Lysander Spooner, 1852, via 

One example why PTR moved to South Carolina - The legislation made no differentiation between magazines being sold by a manufacturer to the out-of-state market, and those owned by Connecticut residents. PTR has more than 100,000 20-round magazines in its warehouse area. Under Connecticut’s absurd laws, each and every one would have to be serial numbered and registered, with each magazine requiring a fingerprint and photo ID of a PTR employee. It would have taken months, if not years, for the company to comply with just this one aspect of the law.
Bob Owens at

art-link-symbol-small-rev01.jpg Wal-Mart could soon be unprofitable
Wal-Mart has hidden its financial problems from the headlines because challenges are different around the world, masking themselves in the overall picture. But when you dig between the headlines you can see a company in serious trouble and could be the latest in a long line of leading retailers to go from boom to bust in the blink of an eye. Sales in the U.S. are beginning to struggle, but overseas the company's profitability is in downright freefall says Travis Hoium in this article, Walmart Is Falling Apart Before Our Eyes, at The Motley Fool.
Plausible deniability - Our government is now dealing with the citizenry the same way that the British dealt with the Nazis: treating them as an external existential threat, spying on them, and taking pains to obfuscate the source of the information that they use to target their attacks... This isn't really shocking, given that I think that the government has long been at war with the populace but it's still a somewhat stark distillation of the trend.
Clark at
It ain't broken - Vatican Radio is the world’s oldest transnational broadcasting network. The equipment was installed by Marconi himself. And they’re still using it. [Since February, 1931]
Kathy Shaidle at

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