Monday, June 9, 2014

A pardon for Bowe Bergdahl?

Via avordvet

When Bowe Bergdahl was first released, the administration’s line seemed to be that he had suffered enough as a Taliban prisoner, and thus that the U.S. would not likely punish him as a deserter even if that’s what he turned out to be. But as the deal came in for strong criticism and evidence mounted as to Bergdahl’s betrayal, the line changed.

We were assured by the military that Bergdahl’s conduct would be investigated and, if misconduct were found, he would be subject to the military justice system. In the meantime, we should withhold judgment.

But Bill Otis predicts that, regardless of the facts (which so far point unambiguously to the conclusion that Bergdahl deserted), Bergdahl will never face a military trial because President Obama will pardon him. Bill, who worked on presidential pardons in the last days of the Bush 41 administration, has even drafted a statement to accompany the pardon (see below). It’s written in perfect Obamaese, which should worry those of us who are close to Bill.

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  1. Pardon? A deserter, maybe. Big, big maybe but a maybe. From what we've heard so far, there's a better chance than not that this baby blue Marine is also guilty of treason. Do we now pardon traitors?

    1. Do we now pardon traitors?

      The charlatan in the WH will be happy to do so.

    2. Actually, I don't know for sure that I wouldn't WANT him to pardon Mr. Benedict Bergdahl. He's done a pretty good job of showing us who he really is lately, I'd just as soon him get feelin' really froggy and let it all hang out. Might knock a few more off the fence, might get a whole bunch more to jump right over. In for a penny, in for a pound, right Barry?