Friday, June 13, 2014

Left-Of-Lenin liberals and 'assault weapons'

Comment by Ray on Blogger demands justification for NOT banning so-called 'assault weapons'

The problem y'all miss is that she truly and honestly believes that the "gun nuts" will line up and passively turn in firearms ammunition and freedom. From what I understand of this breed of cat, they also believe that the few "gun crazy's" who refuse to submit to "reasonable restrictions" will be quickly hunted down by the people's law forces and "detained and disarmed". For their own good of course. They genuinely do not and cannot understand why or how anyone could resist or WANT to resist.

They cannot commit violence even to save themselves or their children. The concept of someone who would or COULD engage in armed violence over something as tenuous as a right is beyond their ability to understand or even conceive of. War is something that will only exist as a cartoon in her mind until it happens in her front yard. At that point she and all those like her will simply curl up in a helpless ball and cry. OUR problem is that since modern civilization stopped letting Darwin weed them out, they number in the millions and now wish to force us to be them.

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