Friday, July 18, 2014

Apogee: America Needs Another Great Challenge

Via Susan


  1. We had it in the space race. But the same elements that dragged us deeper and deeper in the quagmire of South East Asia made sure it died with the Apollo project. We went to the moon, one of the greatest technological accomplishment of man and then we just went back to sleep. We should be on Mars by now. Bot Obama made sure even the return to the moon got killed off. New post up by the way.

  2. Great Challenges:

    1. Find and deport 30 Million illegal aliens.
    2. Move billions of gallons of water from the annual floods in the Mississippi and Ohio valleys into the arid great plains.
    3. Reduce the size and scope of federal regulation by 50%.
    4. Build an impenetrable barrier between the USA and Mexico.

    In other words: Real great challenges that benefit us all, not fantasy challenges that only benefit a few scientists and the companies that get the contracts. Real benefits, not just vicarious pride in national achievements that ultimately produce nothing but a few hundred pounds of worthless rock.

  3. Bill is so classy AND Presidential ! ;)

  4. Heh. How about the Great Challenge of taking our country back from he Commies and Facists.

  5. I was think about sending Obama the First Family and the minions to Mars for a mission. If you can only work 5 minutes outside a week they should do just fine.