Friday, July 18, 2014

WOW! The Obama Dallas Immigration Visit – The Curious Case of Obama’s “Faith Leaders” and Obama’s “Faith-Based Groups”…

Via Susan


Obama Jesus Pose

On July 9th 2014 President Obama made a visit to Dallas Texas for two reasons.   The first reason was fundraising, the second reason was to meet with Governor Rick Perry and “Faith Leaders” to discuss the border crisis.

As an outcome of the visit the following AP picture became the subject of much inquisition, humor and -as typical for the progressive side of the continuum- ridicule.  Liberals love to bash Texas Governor Rick Perry.


  1. Mind & Soul Boggling ;(

  2. We are being plundered... plain and simple. Where is the cash to award these "grants" come from? The HHS budget? Do they have a trillion dollar entry for slush fund or what?
    Jesse in DC

  3. More evidence of what I've called 'financial concupiscence' for years. Major churches setting up these schemes to defraud the very people who make up the Church: the individual believers themselves. Stealing grants money from the government as well as abusing the donations, often the true "widows mite', of their members to live lavish lifestyles of comfort and freedom from want. The major reason I went rogue.
    In truth, I'd rather be a poor Priest, living hand to mouth off the money I personally earn than take a penny for myself from the Church coffers or from the government through some type of enslaving scheme. Perdition is where that leads.

    Paul L
    III Chaplain Corps