Friday, July 18, 2014

Is This All Planed Chaos?

Rum & Cokes and cold Cerveza in the Lounge!

So far I cant figure out if this mess is spinning out of control or going precisely according to some sinister plan.  I guess it's just too bad for the Obama administration that when the government releases a $50 million contract it has to be made public.  Well thankfully at least the Baptist Church has a sense of shame because Obama's bureaucrats sure as hell don't.  Did they really think that signing a $50 million contract with Baptist Child and Family Services was going to go unnoticed?

The $50 million was intended for BCFS to take over an existing midlevel resort in Weslaco Texas and use it to house upwards of 600 juvenile illegal aliens.  Check it out for yourself.  Certainly not the Hilton at Miami Beach but I'd bet that there a tens of millions of American families who wish they could afford a weeks stay. 


  1. In response to the Title question: YES! and that includes a lot more extortion committed on the American taxpayers.

    check this out: