Sunday, July 13, 2014

Desecration of Robert E. Lee's Grave and Memorial: Rally and Forum in Lexington, Virginia Saturday July 26th

Via Billy

Recently Washington & Lee University President Ken Ruscio announced the university would remove the eight regimental Confederate Battleflags surrounding the famed recumbent statue of Robert E. Lee in Lee Chapel.

The statue chamber and the Lee family crypt were built onto Lee Chapel as the site chosen for the Robert E. Lee Memorial using private donations raised for the purpose. As such the university accepted the responsibility to ensure that Lee's burial place would be given the proper respect it deserves and it did so for well over one hundred years. Sadly, the once proud Southern school has become infiltrated more and more with radical ideology and the academics running the school no longer share the same values as Robert E. Lee. Instead many overtly and openly proclaim disdain for him. 

When Lee's character was recently attacked, the school offered no response and instead has caved to the demands of a small group of student's who want Lee and everything he stood for repudiated. For now they have won their fight to remove these flags, but they or others like them will continue their crusade with revolutionary fever to destroy Lee's image in its entirety. The current president, the successor to Robert E. Lee, has now become the nations most notorious grave robber. These radical students undoubtedly dream of the day that sledge hammers will be taken to Lee's recumbent statue just as the mob in Iraq recently did to the grave of the famed Prophet Jonah.

How should decent people react to the cowardly violation of the memorial for an American Icon? Are we so ignorant to believe that people cannot understand why Confederate flags would be at a deceased general's or veteran's grave? Why has this happened and what can be done about it?
The Stonewall Brigade Camp #1296 is putting together an event where these issues will be addressed on July 26 at an open community meeting to be held at the Holiday Inn Express on N. Lee Highway at 4pm featuring a talk by Dr. Marshall DeRosa, Professor of Political Science at Florida Atlantic University entitled “The Heroical Robert E. Lee: Under Attack by the Useful Idiots of the Ruling Class.” Following Dr. DeRosa's presentation attendees will be invited to express their concerns and to offer ideas and solutions to the matter.

In addition we will be holding a Flag Vigil against this cowardly act in downtown Lexington throughout the day and are working to secure a sight nearby to Lee Chapel to hold a rally beginning at Noon. We encourage anyone concerned about this issue to attend and bring your flags and signs in hand to protest what we consider no less than grave robbery as defined under law by the current president of Washington & Lee. We do ask that everyone remember that although we have the right to be angry at this situation, everyone should conduct themselves in a manner that would not further embarrass the memory of Robert E. Lee.

We do not need to stoop down to the level of those who started this travesty. The city sidewalks will be accessible to us, but expect W&L security to remove or arrest anyone entering the campus with a sign or flag.

What else can you do? Write, call, and email the university using the contact information listed below. Secondly, if you know any W&L alumni or donors let us know who they are so that we can encourage them to contact the school and consider withholding further support. Thirdly, attend the flag rally and forum if you can.

Fourthly, consider contributing to the various heritage defense funds for this purpose.

Mr. Kenneth Ruscio
Washington and Lee University
204 West Washington Street
Lexington,Virginia 24450
(540) 458-8700

Daniel Wubah
Washington and Lee University
Washington Hall 214
Lexington,Virginia 24450


Secretary of the University:
James D. Farrar, Jr.
Washington & Lee University
203 Washington Hall
Lexington,VA 24450

Executive Assistant to the Board of Trustees:
Katherine Brinkley
Washington & Lee University
202 Washington Hall
Lexington,VA 24450


  1. “Ken Ruscio is a perfect match between his considerable talents, character, and background and the needs of the institution that he will serve. Ken shares the same passion for W&L of all alumni and an appreciation for the traditions and core values it has developed since 1749.”

    Let me congratulate you. Living up to your New Jersey roots, you have almost succeeded in failing.

    Norwood should have known better than to go outside (New Jersey) for the position.

    Can the University live on five students? The Committee?

    Take the Lee out of your University’s name, and give back the land to the family or the people (via private ownership) of Virginia. Even if it is in the center of the property. Do something (one thing) honorable before you leave.

    And leave you now must. Enrollment will prove this to be the case.

    So, congratulations on destroying another part of America.

    Norwood should have known…

    1. Thanks. I mentioned elsewhere that the Lee family should remove the good General, Traveller, other kin and everything possible to be placed at Beauvoir.